“The business world has become increasingly impersonal as a result of the growth of technology, the Internet and email. Business, however, is best conducted by developing personal relationships with your prospects and customers. I have found that Corporate Cards break through all of the noise and clutter and help to convey my message in a very unique and meaningful manner. Corporate Cards helps me to truly differentiate my message – and it is recognized and appreciated by my prospects and customers.”

“In today’s competitive environment, getting the attention of customers and prospects – through all of the noise in the market – is critical to our success. A personal note on a corporate card goes a long way to saying you care and are willing to take the time to build a relationship with this client. Not only does the message say something about the person who sends it, the card itself is unique and of high quality, which sends a message about you and your company.”


“During the spring season we often select “Cascade” to send customized “thank you” notes or “business reminders” to our clients. We always personalize each note and customize each card with our message and business logo. These cards get the attention of our customers.”

“Thanks for the exceptional job on the photos. I have them hanging in my office where they bring a natural sense of serenity to what is sometimes a tension-filled atmosphere. The stock market has certainly had a grip on investors for the past couple of years, and it’s been helpful to soothe them aesthetically before we get into reviewing their financial statements.”

Greg Viola
Associate Vice President – Investments
A.G. Edwards & Sons



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